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SPS Garden Valley

SPS Garden Valley responds to the demands of change by preparing its students from diverse backgrounds and abilities for a life of leadership, community service and discipline.


Each boy is required to participate in extracurricular activities, designed to develop physical strength, leadership, and a sense of self-worth.  Each Student of the Schools Participates in:


There is great emphasis on the fitness level of the student. We make sure that all activities are supervised by school official Sports Teacher

Leadership is second only to teaching among school influences on student success, and its impact is greatest in schools with the greatest need, according to this landmark examination of the evidence on school leadership


The School is starting with career counselling for its students. Aptitude identification exercises, interactive sessions, one on one interactive session with a career counsellor will be held from 2019


Music, Drama, Tree Planting has been an annual activity, Art and Crafts and many other.



We hope to build future leaders of this country with a global vision.

SPS Garden Valley provides an all-encompassing program that can work for the unique needs of your child, and adapts him to succeed, not fail. SPS Garden Valley provides a structured, engaging and distraction-free community that engenders positive attitude, pride, health and academic achievement in your child that are otherwise being “left out” and “left behind”. Our program for students focuses on necessary personal and academic skills required for their future success. It provides extensive remediation in the fundamental areas of literacy and mathematical reasoning within a stimulating environment. Courses offered are in accordance with guidelines provided CBSE and for their personality development the school offers a disciplined, creative and focused environment.